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Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn's Dance

The broad hips of Summer are slowly swaying into a dance of Fall...

The warmth that now lingers here at the Ohi Cottage is that of a waning Sun... and the powerful energy of our beloved Mother Earth's summertime labor is slowing to a pant.

Now is a perfect time to step out of the chaos of the world for a moment and watch as the awesome face of the Goddess changes before my very eyes; from Ample Queen to Insightful Crone. To breathe in these breathtaking moments when She removes the mask of Summer to reveal yet another face of beauty and wisdom. I hear Her laughing as She tells me to take a cue from the turning leaves; alchemical gypsy-dancers that they are...Be Bold! Let go! Let your Colors Fly! Risk! Dare! Leap!

And then there's that feeling... that faint and familiar flicker of an inward pull. Perhaps you feel it too? Only a whisper now, but soon, as the brilliance of Autumn becomes undeniable, I'll begin to arrange my thoughts and store my energy like jars of raspberry jelly for the coming season.

That Autumn's dazzling fanfare will eventually herald the icy bareness of Winter carries with it a haunting bit of bitter-sweetness. And yet right now there’s the sensual, comforting warmth of Mother Earth, bedecked in all Her fiery glory...

The warmth, so readily available during the past few months will soon have to come from within our selves; I'm looking forward to those nights of traveling the hedgeroads; that inner realm where the memories of a season well spent reside.

But for now...I say let's join our hearts, dance the spiral and bask in the abundant, transformative, creative, spectacular blessings of the Season of Easy Magick, the second of the Three Harvests; there are celebrations and birthdays; festivals and holidays; visitors from and visits to far off lands all awaiting to take their place in our life's story...

Welcome Autumn! Blessed Mabon! Happy Equinox and Joyful Transformations!!!


  1. Blessed Mabon!
    Wonderfully written Sister!
    Wishing we were a tad bit closer- Would love to hear your laughter 'round the circle of
    Samhain. Raise the mead to you and yours;
    fortune in good harvest, warmth of heart and hearth and peace of spirit in the time of sacred darkness.

  2. I feel you dear Sister! Heart smiles to you for sure! Your toast is well-received and reciprocated in turn! So grateful for our connection! I wish I were closer too...but have gypsy wagon, will travel...! Blessings & Love!

  3. My dear sweet have such a way of expressing yourself and sharing your observations that so brilliantly illuminate exactly what is happening all around us...thanks for being YOU and reflecting all that we need to hear & see...all reminders that we are indeed here on purpose & to be fully appreciated...I love you so...

  4. I love you Melissa...YES we are here on purpose! Thank you for your light...!

  5. Another beautiful post, Val. I enjoy your lyrical writing style.... as well as your perspective on life. You are a gem! Thanks for sharing yourself & your gifts with us.

  6. You hve been noninated for the Kretiv Blogger Award on my blog. Love this little doll you made BTW.


Love & Magick,