You just never know what you'll find here at Ariemoon Designs & Enchanted Arts because I'm always busy crafting a variety of spellbinding knick-knackery!

Here you'll not only find photos of new work like one of a kind, handcrafted jewelry, fiber arts, meditation tools, shrines, wands, Totems, and my specialty Faeries and Goddesses, but hopefully friendship, inspiration and a healthy dose of enchantment!

I love to create ceremonial medicine tools for the Healer...evocative adornments for the Priestess...and an array of fine accoutrements for the Mystically Minded Community.

Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy the Magick!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spirit Doll Musings...or How to Carry and Idea

I was poking around in the back of my mind today and found this thought tucked away, under some old quilts. I heard it rustling around when I was looking for something to carry an idea of why Spirit Dolls emit such an enchanting allure. I was expecting to find a nice basket or old birdcage, but it seems thoughts are a much better way to cart ideas around (they tend to fall out of birdcages- slip between the bars). Anyway...

I realized that through our open hearts, attuned minds and a surrendering to the process of creation the Spirit Doll becomes a sacred object through which we can bridge the very forces of magick...

...and magick, according to Orion Foxwood, Faery Seer extraordinaire “is perhaps the deepest source and expression of wisdom for it is creativity and knowledge applied.”....

This is a Spirit Doll I created preparing for our Serpent Mound retreat next weekend in Southern Ohi where I'll be faciliating a Spirit Doll workshop. He's made from simple organic air dry clay and I rather like him. He's definitely got a sense of humor. He chatted with me for quite some time yesterday morning about the nature of clay, and the Faerie realm and our Star Lineage. He tells me there's more where he came from, and I'm certain he's right and more than a few of his brethern (sister-en?) will emerge during our retreat. He's a bit hush-hush about his name though, so I've decided to call him Klatuu for now and he seems to be okay with that, perhaps even oddly amused. I may have to keep my eye on him...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Blessing Chant...

Mourn the Grape
Applaud the Wine
Praise the withering Fruit and Vine
Fall the Wheat
Remove the Sheaf
Toast to Life-
The Turning Leaf!!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn's Dance

The broad hips of Summer are slowly swaying into a dance of Fall...

The warmth that now lingers here at the Ohi Cottage is that of a waning Sun... and the powerful energy of our beloved Mother Earth's summertime labor is slowing to a pant.

Now is a perfect time to step out of the chaos of the world for a moment and watch as the awesome face of the Goddess changes before my very eyes; from Ample Queen to Insightful Crone. To breathe in these breathtaking moments when She removes the mask of Summer to reveal yet another face of beauty and wisdom. I hear Her laughing as She tells me to take a cue from the turning leaves; alchemical gypsy-dancers that they are...Be Bold! Let go! Let your Colors Fly! Risk! Dare! Leap!

And then there's that feeling... that faint and familiar flicker of an inward pull. Perhaps you feel it too? Only a whisper now, but soon, as the brilliance of Autumn becomes undeniable, I'll begin to arrange my thoughts and store my energy like jars of raspberry jelly for the coming season.

That Autumn's dazzling fanfare will eventually herald the icy bareness of Winter carries with it a haunting bit of bitter-sweetness. And yet right now there’s the sensual, comforting warmth of Mother Earth, bedecked in all Her fiery glory...

The warmth, so readily available during the past few months will soon have to come from within our selves; I'm looking forward to those nights of traveling the hedgeroads; that inner realm where the memories of a season well spent reside.

But for now...I say let's join our hearts, dance the spiral and bask in the abundant, transformative, creative, spectacular blessings of the Season of Easy Magick, the second of the Three Harvests; there are celebrations and birthdays; festivals and holidays; visitors from and visits to far off lands all awaiting to take their place in our life's story...

Welcome Autumn! Blessed Mabon! Happy Equinox and Joyful Transformations!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Oh Goodness! What a summer it has been, between festivals, CD release parties, celebrations and major tweaks to the the cottage- which was all just in June!- to ankle surgery in July which literally knocked me off my dancing feet for two months,

I am finally feeling a resurgence of creativity and that in-my-bones happiness that is inherent to a healthy Gypsy Soul...(that's me with Juliette my newest addition, I'll share more about her later!)

Rather than list all the things I *didn't* get to in the past few months, I'm wiping the slate clean of all the outstanding pressures of *should haves* and *wish I woulda's* and pulling the Fool card from my Tarot deck once again. On to new adventures with a free heart...I invite you to do the same. Today. Right Now. Hop in the wagon and let's go!

Being so incapacitate with the surgery tossed me, not completely unwittingly, into some shadowy spots in the landscape of my heart, who would have thought that my ankle had a direct line to my soul? In truth, I had an inkling something bigger than mundane ankle surgery was about to happen, we don't know what we don't know- even if we thing we do! Ha! Well, luckily our bodies are so wise that when we are injured in one place we have an opportunity to heal in all places, on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). And that is just what occurred...
I went into a place where forgiveness was being held captive and battled with the tentacled beast guarding the gate. I traveled through narrow and rocky passages, into a valley where a piece of my heart had fallen out and retrieved it. I swam to the depths of an ancient grotto and faced my Self in the mirror of a MurMaiden. And I cried and I remembered; I healed and I cried some more, until the ocean was once again full...

And here we have it, after an almost complete 40 years "around the Wheel", looking gloriously tattered and stitched and mis-shapened, well worn from use, scarred from those old wounds I waited a bit longer than necessary to heal, but still pumping, still loving- deeper, wider, higher and with just the right color red...

There's so much more to share if you'll listen because we all tell each other's stories...I'll meet you round the fire. BLESSINGS of the most ENCHANTING variety....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Serpent is Calling...

Serpent Mound Retreat October 2009

Anyone need some inspiration? Of the truly heart-opening-so-the-mystery-within-shines-out, spellbinding variety?? Then this Gypsy Trip is for YOU!

Come for an enchanting weekend in the space of the Serpent Mound. Join us as we unlock more of the Mystery of the Serpent through Sacred Ceremony, Song and Creative Art. Be the Living Magick that you are as we activate deep memory and call Love further to the forefront of Life in this moment. Dissolve blocks in the supportive, safe and joyful care of Priestesses of the Goddess.

Purify through a Sweat Lodge Ceremony; allow the energy of the Ohio landscape to open your heart as it transforms itself during the season of release. Remember who you are as ancestral earth and star energy flows through private ceremony at the Serpent Mound. Attune to your heart’s voice and listen to it as it sings through your body. Reverently meet the nature spirits of the land and forge a deeper connection to your own playful spirit through hands on creative arts.

Ohio is the known as the Heartland; even the shape of the state resembles the image of the heart. The Serpent Mound in Southern Ohio is one of the oldest effigy mounds in the known world and holds many secrets. Sitting inside a crater from an ancient meteor explosion, the Serpent Mound lies on the same earth energy line that runs straight through England’s Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge and beyond.

Join me along with the magickal Terri “Sings With Ravens” Rivera, the mystical Kellianna, the wise Ross Hamilton and the extraordinary cuisine of Persephone & George from Raw Passion Bistro, as we gather in the inspiring forested Chalets of Woodland Altars and embark on a journey of ancient remembering and new found celebration!

The Serpent Is Calling

October 2nd - 4th, 2009

Woodland Altars

33200 State Route 41

Peebles, Ohio 45660

Join Terri Rivera, Kellianna, Valarie Endemann, and Ross Hamilton, author of

The Mystery of the Serpent Mound: In Search of the Alphabet of the Gods

for a sacred weekend of music, workshops, ceremony and celebration at beautiful

Woodland Altars in Peebles Ohio.

Friday night: we will open our circle with a ritual cleansing

through each of the elements. We'll get to know each other around a Community Potluck. Later that evening we will gather for a fireside concert with Terri Rivera and Kellianna.

Saturday: experience the power of making your own Spirit Doll with Valarie Endemann. Author Ross Hamilton will join us Saturday to talk about the Serpent Mound and it's mysteries, and then later that evening we will go to Serpent Mound for private evening ceremony. There is an optional sweat lodge following the Serpent Mound ceremony, led by Terri. Our fire circle and lodge are located on privately owned land adjacent to the Serpent Mound. This sacred land is a part of the ancient Serpent Mound complex, before there were borders and boundaries, and we are honored at having the opportunity to gather here and celebrate.

Sunday morning we will gather for our closing SpiritSong circle, led by Kellianna.

We will enjoy brunch together after closing ceremony, then it's time for packing up.

We are doing something different with the food this year. We will have great organic vegan/vegetarian food prepared for us. We would ask everyone to bring a dish to share at our Friday evening Community Potluck dinner.

Breakfast will be continental style, set up in each of the cabins, and we will enjoy Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday brunch created by our amazing cooks.

Your presenters-

Terri Rivera :


Valarie Endemann:

Ross Hamilton:

Food by:Raw Passion Bistro

Early Bird Registration by September 14th $199.00. Includes food, lodging and materials fee.

After 9/14 - $225.00 We are limited to 25 participants, so reserve your spot now!!!!

You can register via snail mail by

sending your payment in check or money order form to:


P.O. Box 902

Wendell, MA 01379

contact phone number- 978-544-3116

Or, if you prefer to pay via PayPal, please e-mail Kellianna and she will issue an invoice and payment instructions.


In Service, Love & Magick,


Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Wheel Turns...

...and the Sun stands still
...long enough to get our fill
...of all the light
....and all the love
....from the shining Sun above
...and all the shining in between
...all the shining hopes and dreams
...and all the remembering
...of warmth and art
...and what it means to live from your heart

6.21.09 1:45am EST.....

The Ariemoon Gypsy Wagon hitched up at the Wisteria Summer Solstice Festival this week, tonight is the final night- pictures up soon, but check out the video in the side bar for a look at the Wisteria Summer Solstice Festival where it's all happening now!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Companions at the Cottage...

While the wagon is hitched I thought I'd introduce you to some of the Folk and Friends that reside in the Ohi Cottage, and share some of my artwork too!
Hexalene & Twyla-Fey will be your guides today, as with anything in Faerie,
don't let their size fool you, they are very old souls..

This is Lynx, an Elven Medicine Woman. She travelled back through the bramble of Fae via a sculpting class I took with the venerable Wendy Froud. She is handsculpted polymer clay on a wire armature. Her outfit is woven from the forest floor and her apron, traditional to the healers of her class and stature, is made of deerskin donated in the most sacred and honored manner. The fox fur at her side was gifted to her by an honored member of the fox community prior to her traveling from Faerie. As anyone knows Fox is an ambassador between the worlds.
Her snakeskin underdressing is symbolic of healing and regeneration. Lynx is ready at a moments notice to provide her medicine. She wears her healing tools around her waist, magickal scissors for herb collecting, a medicine bag filled with mysterious contents, a feather for aura dusting (and perking up those wilted wings), an ancient healing stone from her land of birth, a little bottle of falling stars and the obligatory faeriedust- of course! Her crown is raw pearl and glittering crystal, as I understand it, it is to keep her thoughts always connected to the healing waters of her homeland...
The copper Goddess amulet Lynx wears at her neck was bestowed upon her when she was first initiated into her long lineage of healers. I've tried many tricks to get her to divulge exactly when that was, but all she will say is "Long, long ago..."

She loves to climb trees and has the perfect feet for it!
Caught Lynx chatting with a sunbeam...
She has so many wonderful tales to tell,
I believe this is the one about a hummingbird, a dragonfly and a mischievious flower faerie named Bluebell (it's hil-ARI-ous by the way...!)
Time to fly...but come back again for more time with friends!
In Enchanted Love & Magick... Ariemoon

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thanks for hopping by!

The Gypsy Wagon is hitched for a while and I get to settle into the spring here in my little Ohi's not glamourous and I certainly don't live in a fancy town but I do get the best visitors!

Many blessings for many many good times! I wish you enough!

In Love & Magick!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Gypsy Song for Beltane Eve...

...Tonight is the night
....of Faery Delight dance the darkness away

....Hook and Bound
....we whirl around
...To Welcome the Queen of May

....Weave the Pole
...and dig the Hole
...and play...and play...and play..........PACHIVA!!!!

Visit Spirit-Magick-Love-Art for some Beltane musings! LOVE!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Win an enchanted Fey Wand by Ariemoon Designs!!

I''ve got a few enchanted Fey Wands idling in my when the lovelies at Mixed Media Mischief Makers invited me to contribute a prize to their upcoming blog party I immediately said "of course!"

This particular wand is just waiting to help you tune into your dreams and zap them into reality!

It is approximately 6" long, not counting the ribbon tail. It's been lovingly crafted by yours truly in a black, yellow and white Bumble-Bee theme.

I've topped it off with mini-gypsy bells (the only kind that Faeries actually like), and glittering swarovski crystals. It comes with Activation Dust (because, really, I can't have these wands sitting around charged up- who knows what would happen while I'm away!) and an instruction tag.

For your chance to win this Wand all you have to do is stop by the Mixed Media Mischief Makers blog party on May 5, 2009 and leave a comment, make sure you mention that you'd like the Ariemoon Fey Wand! Yep, that's it!! Oh My! How easy is that?? Good luck, I can't wait to see who I made this for...!

Many Blessings from the gypsy wagon, in Love & Magick!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Very Very early yesterday morning I heard a soft tapping on the Gypsy Wagon door, I threw a shawl across my shoulders and hurried to answer it. When I did, I was so suprised to find a sweet Fairy had left a little gifty for me!
This is the Renee Award and it was gifted to me by the loving and talented Vintage Nina.

This Renee award was created by Bella and Ces in honour of their friend Renee.In Bella's own words "this is a brand new award and I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds it's way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak, giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns..."

Now to pass it along... I am nominating some special women to whom I am so thankful every time they take some of their time to visit and comment on mine and everyone else's art. Check their work out they have so much talent and amazing creativity:
Heather's Daydreams
Ardea's Nest
Mixed Media Mischief Makers
My Hiding Place in Cyberspace

Thanks Loves!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

There is a world of magick happening behind our day to day life, it's to the credit of the dreamers, artists and visionaries that we get to take a peek behind the curtain and have our own imagination ignited. I owe a deep bow of gratitude to those who have and continue to inspire and support me. I love you with all my heart...

Now on to some fun!

Here are some pictures from the Wisteria Cornstalk Festival 2008 held in Southern Ohi!

To the untrained eye, the Ariemoon Gypsy Wagon may appear as a non-descript black Town & Country mini-van, but with just the right amount of Faery Dust and a *ZAP* with your Magick Wand (you have one, right?) it unfolds into a space filled with color, stories, healing, music, laughter, friends and oh, always a pretty bauble or two to help you remember who you really are!

Me sharing time with two amazing Wise Women!

The Faeries, Guardians, Totems and Goddesses are all ready to Welcome you in! Crystals and Faery Wands are at the ready to be activated and of course there is the obligatory and oh-so-complementary Magick Mirror awaiting but to serve...

These little Totems are sculpted from polymer clay and hand beaded to reflect their personality. Each one carries a small crystal in their heart if you listen closely you can hear their wisdom speaking Most have found their way to the hearts and homes of who they came into being for, but there are still a few calling out to offer guidance and friendship to their human counterpart. You can visit them at my Etsy shop:

Here you see the Tribal Priestess Neckwear, each one is hand beaded and holds the energy of a particular Goddess. I'm happy to say that each one is now adorning a Divine Priestess! But don't worry....there's so many more waiting to emerge!

This is PAX: the Goddess of Peace and Serentity. I get such a charge when a piece I make finds it's way to just the right person! The Priestess this went home with is the embodiment of Peace!

This is MOTHER MARY/ KUAN YIN: it holds the energy of compassion and the Heart. The Priestess who is now the caretaker of this piece was such a love to talk with, she was unconditional in her kindness...

The next two are my boldest pieces to date first is...
IXCHEL, the Mayan Goddess of Divine Energy: it holds the power of lightening and the primal spark of fire, so no wonder this one could only go to a Priestess Fire Spinner!

and speaking of packing heat...

This is KALI-MA, Goddess of destroying the old so the new can emerge. She went to a Priestess who has walked through many changes in life, each time allowing more and more of her radiance to shine through.

And finally here is ARTEMIS, Greek Goddess of the Forest, she carries the energy of sacred guardianship of all Earth's creatures. Again, the Priestess that now holds this piece as her own is a beautiful expresssion of an Earth Caretaker.

The Corstalk Festival was such a joy to roll the gypsy wagon up to, I am beyond grateful for the amazing experience! If you'd like to hear more about the magick that unfolded at the festival visit me at:
Wisteria truly puts the "unity" in Community! Check them out at:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Soon", she said, "all of our stories will be told..." then she cast the bones and chanted:

by firelight
and sunbeams glow
soon this destiny, you will know
by songs unsung
and minstrels tune
comes the wagon of
Welcome to the dance...

Love & Magick,