You just never know what you'll find here at Ariemoon Designs & Enchanted Arts because I'm always busy crafting a variety of spellbinding knick-knackery!

Here you'll not only find photos of new work like one of a kind, handcrafted jewelry, fiber arts, meditation tools, shrines, wands, Totems, and my specialty Faeries and Goddesses, but hopefully friendship, inspiration and a healthy dose of enchantment!

I love to create ceremonial medicine tools for the Healer...evocative adornments for the Priestess...and an array of fine accoutrements for the Mystically Minded Community.

Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy the Magick!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

There is a world of magick happening behind our day to day life, it's to the credit of the dreamers, artists and visionaries that we get to take a peek behind the curtain and have our own imagination ignited. I owe a deep bow of gratitude to those who have and continue to inspire and support me. I love you with all my heart...

Now on to some fun!

Here are some pictures from the Wisteria Cornstalk Festival 2008 held in Southern Ohi!

To the untrained eye, the Ariemoon Gypsy Wagon may appear as a non-descript black Town & Country mini-van, but with just the right amount of Faery Dust and a *ZAP* with your Magick Wand (you have one, right?) it unfolds into a space filled with color, stories, healing, music, laughter, friends and oh, always a pretty bauble or two to help you remember who you really are!

Me sharing time with two amazing Wise Women!

The Faeries, Guardians, Totems and Goddesses are all ready to Welcome you in! Crystals and Faery Wands are at the ready to be activated and of course there is the obligatory and oh-so-complementary Magick Mirror awaiting but to serve...

These little Totems are sculpted from polymer clay and hand beaded to reflect their personality. Each one carries a small crystal in their heart if you listen closely you can hear their wisdom speaking Most have found their way to the hearts and homes of who they came into being for, but there are still a few calling out to offer guidance and friendship to their human counterpart. You can visit them at my Etsy shop:

Here you see the Tribal Priestess Neckwear, each one is hand beaded and holds the energy of a particular Goddess. I'm happy to say that each one is now adorning a Divine Priestess! But don't worry....there's so many more waiting to emerge!

This is PAX: the Goddess of Peace and Serentity. I get such a charge when a piece I make finds it's way to just the right person! The Priestess this went home with is the embodiment of Peace!

This is MOTHER MARY/ KUAN YIN: it holds the energy of compassion and the Heart. The Priestess who is now the caretaker of this piece was such a love to talk with, she was unconditional in her kindness...

The next two are my boldest pieces to date first is...
IXCHEL, the Mayan Goddess of Divine Energy: it holds the power of lightening and the primal spark of fire, so no wonder this one could only go to a Priestess Fire Spinner!

and speaking of packing heat...

This is KALI-MA, Goddess of destroying the old so the new can emerge. She went to a Priestess who has walked through many changes in life, each time allowing more and more of her radiance to shine through.

And finally here is ARTEMIS, Greek Goddess of the Forest, she carries the energy of sacred guardianship of all Earth's creatures. Again, the Priestess that now holds this piece as her own is a beautiful expresssion of an Earth Caretaker.

The Corstalk Festival was such a joy to roll the gypsy wagon up to, I am beyond grateful for the amazing experience! If you'd like to hear more about the magick that unfolded at the festival visit me at:
Wisteria truly puts the "unity" in Community! Check them out at:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Soon", she said, "all of our stories will be told..." then she cast the bones and chanted:

by firelight
and sunbeams glow
soon this destiny, you will know
by songs unsung
and minstrels tune
comes the wagon of
Welcome to the dance...

Love & Magick,