You just never know what you'll find here at Ariemoon Designs & Enchanted Arts because I'm always busy crafting a variety of spellbinding knick-knackery!

Here you'll not only find photos of new work like one of a kind, handcrafted jewelry, fiber arts, meditation tools, shrines, wands, Totems, and my specialty Faeries and Goddesses, but hopefully friendship, inspiration and a healthy dose of enchantment!

I love to create ceremonial medicine tools for the Healer...evocative adornments for the Priestess...and an array of fine accoutrements for the Mystically Minded Community.

Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy the Magick!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Wheel Turns...

...and the Sun stands still
...long enough to get our fill
...of all the light
....and all the love
....from the shining Sun above
...and all the shining in between
...all the shining hopes and dreams
...and all the remembering
...of warmth and art
...and what it means to live from your heart

6.21.09 1:45am EST.....

The Ariemoon Gypsy Wagon hitched up at the Wisteria Summer Solstice Festival this week, tonight is the final night- pictures up soon, but check out the video in the side bar for a look at the Wisteria Summer Solstice Festival where it's all happening now!


  1. Ah, so beautiful. Like the soft breezes that are whispering to us today! Thank you for sharing Enchanted One! Will be excited to hear all about your adventures this week! Happy SUN-day!

    Love and Peace,

    Merri Lyn

  2. Thanks my MagicDreamer!!! :) Yep, this week was filled with fun! Sending you blessings...can't wait to hear about the new job I'm *sure* you will be getting!! :)
    Love to you!

  3. keep posting..this must the best in you:)


Love & Magick,