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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Companions at the Cottage...

While the wagon is hitched I thought I'd introduce you to some of the Folk and Friends that reside in the Ohi Cottage, and share some of my artwork too!
Hexalene & Twyla-Fey will be your guides today, as with anything in Faerie,
don't let their size fool you, they are very old souls..

This is Lynx, an Elven Medicine Woman. She travelled back through the bramble of Fae via a sculpting class I took with the venerable Wendy Froud. She is handsculpted polymer clay on a wire armature. Her outfit is woven from the forest floor and her apron, traditional to the healers of her class and stature, is made of deerskin donated in the most sacred and honored manner. The fox fur at her side was gifted to her by an honored member of the fox community prior to her traveling from Faerie. As anyone knows Fox is an ambassador between the worlds.
Her snakeskin underdressing is symbolic of healing and regeneration. Lynx is ready at a moments notice to provide her medicine. She wears her healing tools around her waist, magickal scissors for herb collecting, a medicine bag filled with mysterious contents, a feather for aura dusting (and perking up those wilted wings), an ancient healing stone from her land of birth, a little bottle of falling stars and the obligatory faeriedust- of course! Her crown is raw pearl and glittering crystal, as I understand it, it is to keep her thoughts always connected to the healing waters of her homeland...
The copper Goddess amulet Lynx wears at her neck was bestowed upon her when she was first initiated into her long lineage of healers. I've tried many tricks to get her to divulge exactly when that was, but all she will say is "Long, long ago..."

She loves to climb trees and has the perfect feet for it!
Caught Lynx chatting with a sunbeam...
She has so many wonderful tales to tell,
I believe this is the one about a hummingbird, a dragonfly and a mischievious flower faerie named Bluebell (it's hil-ARI-ous by the way...!)
Time to fly...but come back again for more time with friends!
In Enchanted Love & Magick... Ariemoon


  1. Oh Val! I LOVE her! I am so jealous of your talent! And as a dog lover, I did not miss those two beauties, either!

  2. Thanks Mel, you are so sweet...but I must say that I've seen your work and it is amazing!!! Yeah, those little dogs are the loves of my life!!

  3. Wow, Valarie! Your attention to detail is fantastic.... right down to the marking on Lynx chest. I love how you shared the story behind each detail too ~especially helpful for those like me who aren't well-versed in these things :)

    And give those gorgeous "guides" hugs-n-kisses for me ~ they're adorable!

  4. Hi Di! That's so cool that you noticed Lynx spiral marking on her chest- it's symbolic of rebirth and the neverending spiral of life.
    Thank you for seeing her!

    Hexi & Twyla send you faerie-dog smooches right back!! :)

  5. Val, They are all 3 so beautiful and I know your little guides are so sweet! Lynx is so magickal - even her pictures are powerful! She reminds me of you with her wisdom mixed with magick and a dash of mystery! I am looking forward to seeing her up close!

  6. Hi Magic Dreams ML!! Yes Hexi & the Fey miss you! Thanks sweetie! It was such a magickal experience creating her and now listening to all she has to share. Funny how so much can be conveyed without a single word uttered...:)

  7. She is Fab! You did a wonderful job and the detail! And I love the guides! I wanna come play at your house!
    Don't you just love the Frouds! To have one day inside their minds! It would be like a trip to Candyland!
    Bright Blessings!

  8. Thanks Tracey! You are welcome to come play anytime!! Hex and Twyla would love to meet a new pair of belly-rubbers! Yeah, the Frouds are incredible. I only had the chance to meet Wendy and Toby, Brian was not with them during our workshop. I was so impressed with how generous and approachable they were- so encouraging and willing to share. I really hope Wendy comes back to teach another east coast class! Brightest of Blessings to you too!!

  9. Lynx is amazing... I was enchanted with her the moment I laid eyes on her!

  10. Thank you Barb! I wish you could come and spend time with her. I made her the weekend before my mom was going in for a lumpectomy for breast cancer and she came through loud and clear as a healing presence. She really feels like an old friend :) I'm glad she spoke to you...XO

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog Valarie. I love Lynx and the story behind her. It was enchanting reading the story and wish there were more to read. Please visit my blog again won't you.


Love & Magick,